Coffee Farm in Dalat

Cau Dat - Da Lat, the name will soon be known all over the world:
Cau Dat is located 25 km south-east of Dalat, Lam Dong, in the famous Highlands of Vietnam. Owing to the advantages of high altitude and perfect climate for coffee, Cau Dat coffee is of high quality and rich in flavor. Located at an ideal height of between 1450 and 1650m above sea level, the amplitude of the temperature in the year ranges from 5 degrees coldest and the highest is not exceed 33 degrees C. Combined with the soil is Fertile Basalt, Cau Dat - Da Lat get 3 golden power to be the perfect land for Arabica. Popular Arabica varieties such as: Typica, Bourbon and especially Catimor with very high yield.
Coffee plantations is at the 1650m of attitude


Havest season

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