Dalat Arabica

Ingredient: 100% Premium Arabica from Cau Dat village in Dalat city. Quintessence of the 1650m Altitude.

Medium Roasting. Price: 320,000VND/kg (2 packs x 500g)

Arabica Datlat Coffee



It's mild acidity, full bodied and rich, winey, honey, with the slight fruitiness and sweet aste of bean.

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The cherries are at the peak of ripeness


Wet Processing Arabica


City Plus Roasting






Other Products

Dalat Bourbon Coffee

Ingredient:  Boubon Arabica and Typica Arabica from Cau Dat village in Dalat city.  Quintessence of the 1650m Altitude. Medium Roasting. Price: 380,000VND/kg (2 packs x 500g)

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Exporting Coffee

We have strived our best to supply roasted best–selected coffee beans to coffee chain, restaurants, foodservice and global coffee buyers at a competitive price.

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Ingredient: A blend of Robusta from Buon Ma Thuot and Arabica from Dalat. A Italian style espresso blend. Full City Plus Roast. Price: 220,000VND/kg (2 packs x 500g)

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Espresso Blend

Ingredient: Dalat Arabica and Buon Ma Thuot Robusta. For the espresso connoisseur! Roasting for Espresso. Price: 280,000VND/kg (2 packs x 500g)

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Buon Ma Thuot Robusta

Ingredient: 100% Premium Robusta coffee beans from Buon Ma Thuot, Daklak province. Medium Roasting. Price: 200,000VND/kg (2 packs x 500g)  

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